Help Us Grow !

Every little bit counts

By donating to GroWings you are helping our dedicated group of released Lone Soldiers give back to the Lone Soldier community through support, guidance and advocacy.  Our participants and greater community rely on the generosity of our donors to keep our program running and ensure we are able to provide the critical support that Lone Soldiers need. Below are a few of the costs our program subsidizes to create opportunities FOR Lone Soldiers BY Lone Soldiers.

Lone Soldier Subsidy Recommendations:

Housing Subsidy

Housing Subsidy For One Lone Soldier for 

One Year


$100 per month to fully subsidize a Lone Soldier apartment

$350 to fully furnish a Lone Soldier apartment

​Social/Personal Subsidy

Full Social/Personal Subsidy For One Lone Soldier For One Year


$40 will enable a Mentor to take their mentee out for dinner on a weekend off from the army. 

$900 round trip ticket home for one Lone Soldier

$50 per month to subsidize food costs for one soldier

Educational Subsidy

Full Educational Subsidy For One Lone Soldier For One Year 


$35 per Hebrew lesson

$1440 to fully fund a Masa to Poland for a pre-draft Lone Soldier

$30 per month Financial Literacy donation matching program.*

*A Monthly contribution for a soldier who has made a savings commitment for the entirety of their service. This means that every month the Soldier will put $30 from their salary into savings and that amount will be matched by a generous donor and upon completion of their service they will have this financial cushion to get them started in Israel.