Yuval Hadari

Director of Education and Logistics

Hello! My name is Yuval Hadari and I served in the Paratroopers’ Reconnaissance

Battalion’s unit specializing in sabotage and demolitions. I am extremely grateful for my service

as it was deeply meaningful and taught me a lot about myself. The experiences I had during my

service showed me the importance of perseverance, dedication, having a strong work ethic,

and, most of all, brotherhood. My team served as a major component in my overall web of

support and their compassion towards me gave me a sense of family and warmth I have never

felt before. This type of feeling is why I joined GroWings, for I want to educate the coming

generations of Lone Soldiers about creating significant bonds and forming one’s own identity.

Lone Soldiers start down a long and momentous path by choosing to enlist into the Israel

Defense Forces, and my goal is to see them not only succeed but also enjoy their time doing it.

As the Director of Education and Logistic I will do all that I can to create informative educational

initiatives to further raise awareness for and about Lone Soldier needs. Starting with the Poland

Experience, GroWings teaches participants about their own Jewish Identity and how it pertains


to today’s sociopolitical climate, especially how it is imperative in their Lone Soldier status. I

firmly believe that by passing on knowledge from generation to generation we can empower

more and more Lone Soldiers to do great things. Through creating worthwhile activities,

initiatives, and awareness I yearn to equip our participants with the foundations for a strong set

of tools that they will use as they navigate through their service and later on into Israeli society.

When I am not working on GroWings I am completing my undergraduate degree at the

Columbia University School of General Studies in New York. My interests include: basketball,

diving, cooking, travel, analytics, and modern culture.