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Yuval Hadari

Director of Education and Logistics

Yuval Hadari served in the Paratroopers’ Reconnaissance Battalion’s “Palchan” unit specializing in Sabotage, demolition, and combat engineering. During his service Yuval learned the meaning of dedication, perseverance, and character as it shapes a person’s identity as they work to turn dreams and ideas into reality. His involvement with Lone Soldiers began after his second Journey through Poland when he understood that Lone Soldiers must share this experience as it not only connects them with their Jewish heritage, but also gives deeper meaning to service in the Israel Defense Forces. 


The community Yuval found during his service in Israel consisted of both the Lone Soldier commune he lived in and his team members in the IDF. Living in  these two different sides of Israeli Society opened his eyes and helped realize how there is a cultural gap in the assimilation process that must be minimized. This inspired Yuval to want  to create impactful opportunities for lone soldiers, and help shape new positive experience for the coming generations of Lone Soldiers.


Yuval is currently a second year Student at the Columbia University School of General Studies in New york City and plans on pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

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