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Our Mission

To support communities and demographics inherently suppressed by their circumstances

SIMPIL Foundation is a social impact marketplace umbrella and using an innovative strategy, we encourage coordinated collaboration among non-profits operating within the Lone Soldier ecosystem. SIMPIL Foundation partners with both discounted service providers and non-profits with an aligned mission of assisting Lone Soldiers before, during, and/or after their service. This collaborative initiative enables lower essential service costs, the removal of barriers hindering Lone Soldiers access to essential services, and ensures clarity with regards to their various networks of support.

SIMPIL Foundation Agenda:

1. Scaling non-profit partners' impact by introducing them to a larger network of social causes and access to funding, with the goal of encouraging more long-term, collaborative thinking.

2. Implement systems of accountability, operational efficiency, and social validity for nonprofit partners, using key data metrics collected, to help make more informed decisions regarding how funds should be allocated to maximize impact and improve the ROI (Return on Impact), per Lone Soldier helped.

3. Reconnect non-profit networks using a marketplace system, which consolidates information, resources, services and any other relevant solutions that address unmet needs and enable collective scaling of impact. 

4. Provide the Lone Soldier community with the opportunity to achieve a fulfilling and successful life in Israel.

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