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Mentorship and Poland

Our amazing team of dedicated mentors will go above and beyond for their soldiers! Mentors meet their Lone Soldier mentees in the pre draft stages of the GroWings programing. During the Poland preparatory seminars both mentors and participants will complete a series of educational and community building activities in order to set a foundation for their expedition. After our seminars and Experience in Poland, the community members will have created a deep emotional bond through the once in a lifetime journey and start to transition their relationship into the active service period.

Mentorship and Community

During the Lone Soldier’s service, Mentors will be attentive and give aid to their soldiers in all relevant things such as bureaucratic procedures, housing assistance, finding a meal for Shabbat, laundry, daily advice, and more! Mentors not only assist their mentees during the military service, but also to acclimate back into civilian life after their release.

Mentorship and Beyond

Mentorship is the ultimate way for a Lone Soldier to give back to their community after their own service.The key to having a positive community is to have positive experiences wile serving in the IDF. We plan of creating a cycle that not only teaches the next generation of Lone Soldiers, but also fosters the yearning to give back. As we bridge the gap between pre-service and post service Lone Soldiers we are creating opportunities that allow them to strengthen their own voice and that of future generations. Lone Soldiers are brought together through communal initiative and growing together, creating opportunities for Lone Soldiers by Lone Soldiers