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What IMPACT will you make today?


About Our Network

SIMPIL Foundation was founded to create equal opportunity initiatives for Lone Soldiers before, during, and after their impactful journey. Committing to a full service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is filled with much excitement but also many unknowns and an array of challenges. SIMPIL Foundation provides a much-needed web of support for ALL Lone Soldiers. From a consolidated social impact marketplace platform, access to financial support grants and extensive community building initiatives, we are creating opportunities for Lone Soldiers by Lone Soldiers.


SIMPIL'S Support


Incentivize NPO collaboration by providing NPO partners with funding.


Enable operational efficiency through technology: Streamlined Impact


Connecting parallel NPO missions to provide coordinated and effective impact using a service marketplace

What About You! 


Are you a pre, active, or post service Lone Soldier?

Struggling with something?

How can we help?

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Want to take part in our impact movement?

Tell us what you do and we will get you involved!

Our impact is possible thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, partners, and supporters!

Help us help them! 

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“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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