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Welcome to Rak Lefanek!

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Rak Lefanek Community

Dear Soldiers, 🙌 "Rak Lefanek" is a project, established by former Officers, Commanders and Lone Soldiers with the goal to help Soldiers acquire equipment, goods, furniture, electrical products, and moving services at discounted prices. 

So how does it work?

"The world is made of good deeds" 

Over the last year, we have established partnerships with movers, donors and volunteers who want to give back to our Soldiers. Rak Lefanek is the point of connection between Soldiers requiring services and the best industry professionals.🚚  

An important part of our mission is the educate and the first lesson we want to pass on is that, "there are no free gifts". 

Our giving system requires the full participation of our Soldiers throughout the process of receiving/transporting the items. 

We are here for you!🤝 

The "Rak Lefanek" team❤️

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